What Happens To Bees In Autumn? 

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Autumn’s arrival in Melbourne brings cooler weather, changing landscapes, and a noticeable difference in bee activity. You might see fewer bees buzzing around your garden or hear a quieter hum from nearby hives. It also brings a shift in the busy world of bees. If you’ve noticed a dip in bee activity around your property, here’s a look at what happens to bees in Melbourne during autumn. However, you need to stay alert at times. When the bee hive is on your property, it calls for swift bee removal whether there is activity or not.

Queen Bee Slows Down

During autumn, there’s a change in the beehive’s rhythm. The queen bee is responsible for egg-laying, which significantly reduces her egg production. This naturally leads to a decrease in the overall bee population within the hive. Drones, the male bees solely focused on mating, are also pushed out of the hive as they are no longer needed.

Focus on Survival

With fewer flowers available, worker bees shift their focus to ensuring the hive has enough resources to survive the cooler months. Whether it is leaf-cutter bees, blue-band bees, or honey bees, they collect pollen and nectar at a higher rate, stockpiling honey reserves within the hive. This “honeymoon period” for the bees is crucial for their winter survival. On top of all, worker bees ramp up hive maintenance activities, repairing any damage and ensuring the hive is well-insulated to retain heat.

Less Activity

While bee activity might seem less compared to the summer months, it doesn’t mean the bees have disappeared entirely. They’ll still be active on warmer autumn days, venturing out to gather the last remaining nectar and pollen sources.  However, you might notice a decrease in bee sightings around your garden as flowering plants dwindle.

Bee Removal Services

If you encounter a beehive on your property during autumn, it’s important to seek a professional bee control service. While the bees might be less active, disturbing a hive can still be dangerous.

Bees Removal Melbourne offers safe and humane bee removal services throughout Melbourne, including beehive removal and relocation. We guarantee bee-friendly methods and ensure the safe relocation of the hive to a suitable habitat.

Remember, bees play a vital role in our ecosystem. By understanding their seasonal behaviour, we can coexist peacefully with these essential pollinators. To ensure your property is free from bee problems, call Bees Removal Melbourne at 03 9021 3752 today.

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