Bee Removal Services

Bees are perfectly adapted to pollinate, helping plants grow, breed and produce food. But sometimes some of which can cause severe allergy ,paralysis and even death. Bees removal can be a challenge, and knowing how to get rid of bees depends on a variety of factors. Identifying which type of bee you are dealing with is the first step. Bees seen around a home are most often carpenter, bumble or honey bees. Many people mistake the carpenter bee for the bumble bee, as they are similar in appearance, but knowing how to get rid of carpenter bees may not be the same as how to get rid of bumble bees.

What are the methods to get rid of Bees?

Tarping the Nest

If you prefer to use environmentally-friendly methods, tarping is a great option – but can be risky.

With this method, tarps are placed over the nest, and heavy items (like bricks or stones) are placed on all sides of the tarp. For this method to be truly effective, it needs to be done at night when most (or all) of the bees are in the nest.

Because the bees are in the nest when you place the tarp, you risk agitating them and getting stung.

Wear dark clothing when you do this to draw as little attention as possible to yourself. If you can, convince friends to help you, so you can lay down the tarp and the heavy items as quickly as possible.

D-Force HPX

If you’d rather go the chemical route, you can use D-Force HPX to get rid of the ground bees in your yard.

D-Force is an insecticide in a pressurized can. Its active ingredient is Deltamethrin, which is a synthetic pyrethroid. It attacks the bee’s nervous system, causing it to become paralyzed. Eventually, the bee dies.

The great thing about D-Force is that you can target a specific location, so you don’t have to spray your entire yard. The spray can be applied directly to the nest, or the bees themselves.

Vinegar Spray

If you want a natural way to remove the bees in your yard, a vinegar spray is a great option. Again, you want to exercise caution with this and wear protective clothing, as the bees will become agitated.

  • Mix equal parts vinegar and water.
  • Place the mixture in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture on the nest at night when the bees are dormant.

Make sure to wear pants, gloves, a long-sleeve shirt and netting over your face and neck to protect yourself from stings.


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