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Insects play a vital role in maintaining an ecological balance. Insects such as honey bees produce honey and are also excellent pollinators. However excess of everything is bad. Just like a coin has two sides similarly infestation of bees and wasps can be very dangerous. If you are suspecting bee or wasps’ infestation in or around your home or business then it’s advisable to take some immediate action. However, before going for some DIY methods make sure that it’s not advisable to exterminate bees as they are already under a threat of extinction. On the other hand, bees can get agitated and can sting. Their sting can be very painful and, in some cases, can lead to hospitalization as well.

Therefore, in the case of bees and wasps’ infestation, one must consult a reputed pest control Melbourne agency. We at Enviro Safe Pest Control Service, Melbourne, make use of eco-friendly ways of treatment. Our team of experts carries out a thorough inspection of your property and locates the bee hive or the wasp’s nest. Next, we carry out necessary treatments and make sure that there is no scope for future infestation.

Types of Bees

First and foremost, it is vital to identify whether it’s a bee or a wasp. Next, it’s important to identify the kind of bees or a wasp. Accordingly, a tailor-made pest removal program is formulated based on the type of specie. Following are two most common kind of bees found in Melbourne

  • European or Western Honey Bee:

European or the Western Honey Bees as the name suggests are honey-producing bees that have been brought from Europe to enhance the honey production in Melbourne. These are smaller in size and are quite distinct due to their brown and yellow striped body. They live in colonies along with queen bees, worker bees, and professional bees. They tend to sting if they sense danger. Once they sting their sting gets trapped and they eventually die.

  • Native bees:

Native bees are native to Australia and only a few species of native bees out of 1500 varieties live in colonies, the rest are solitary in nature. These bees are quite commonly seen in swarms and can sting as well.

Things to avoid

You might get anxious when you see a bee hive and may get tempted to remove it yourself however make sure to avoid the following things.

  • Do not spay any insecticides or pesticides directly into the hive, as this may exterminate the bees or may agitate them, which may result in stinging.
  • Do not surround close to the hive and keep kids and pets away and at a safe distance as stings can be very painful and can even require medical attention.
  • Do not throw sticks and stones and do not try to break the hive with the help of a stick.

Bee Hive Removal Treatments Services

  • Bee Proofing:

Bee entry points are identified and entry points are locked with the help of mesh in case of small inlets. If there is a crack in the wall then they are sealed with sealant or mortar. A door brush strip is installed to prevent bees’ entry from the space between the door and the floor.

  • Bee Repellents:

Bee repellent is used to distract the bees from building their hive. These are sprayed keeping a safe distance from plants so that pollens are not damaged. This repellent is safe and has no side effects.

  • Smoke Treatment

Smoke Treatment is very commonly used to keep the bees calm while hive inspection. This smoke is harmless for the bees as incense devices are used. The smoke emitted does not lead to pollution is not harmful for the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to identify Bees Infestation?
    1. Finding a swarm of bees hovering around is a sure-shot sign of bees’ infestation.
    2.  Spotting cut grass in and around your garden or backyard.
    3.  Strange smell in and around your property.
    4.  If you get stung by a bee while on your premises.
  • What to do in case you spot a bee hive

Don’t try any DIY methods to remove a bee hive instead get in touch with Enviro Safe Pest Control Service, Melbourne for excellent and eco-friendly ways to remove a bee hive.

  • What is the Average Cost for bee removal services

Feel free to get in touch with Bee removal Melbourne services  if you wish to avail of bee removal services. Call us at 1300 997 272 and we would be happy to book an inspection and give you a ballpark figure for bee removal service.

  • How do You Get Rid of Bees Naturally?

There is no sure-shot natural way to get rid of bees’ infestation. In fact, if you try to make use of DIY tricks you may end up harming the bees and at the same time, you might as well get stung.

  • How to identify the type of bee infestation?

Most commonly European bees tend to build hives as they live in colonies however it might be difficult to identify them only based on this character as there are some native bees as well which live in colonies and have honey production capability. A professional bee removal service provider in Melbourne will be able to give you full detail about the kind of bees.

  • Does bee infestation treatment guarantee lifelong freedom?

Since Pest control, Melbourne makes use of eco-friendly ways of treatment which do not aim at killing the bees therefore there is a possibility of bees to return. Bee removal, Melbourne tries to bar all the potential entry points for bees to enter. Also, bee repellant and smoke treatment are made use of which repels the bees.
If you want to know Bees Removal cost Melbourne, call our experts from Bees Removal Melbourne at 03 9021 3752 today.