Bee Removal Cost Melbourne

Bees do their part to the environment by pollinating flowers and producing honey to us. It’s good when they are away from the living areas. But they do sometimes form their colonies in the residential areas which can get dangerous and cause trouble leaving no choice other than getting rid of them. The option is in your hands. You can get the Bee removal services to either safely replace them in local hives or to entirely execute them. Each Type of bees has its requirement while removing.

For example:

  • Honey bees have extensive swamps and require more time and work to remove them.
  • Bumblebees are giant but have small nests with a maximum of 50-70 bees.
  • Carpenter bees can do tremendous structural damage to the wood and interior.

Bees Inspection Melbourne

The costing might also differ based on the size of the hive, the process they’re going to follow and many other factors. But the average amount of  Bee control services in Melbourne charge about $200 AUD for bee removal. Read through the article to know more details:


This can be of two types. If you go for beekeepers, they’ll do the replacement for free in exchange for the honey and the bees for their hive. But when it’s with the specialists charge $75-$100 AUD for the removal and washing off the traces. These charges don’t cover the wall or structural damages if there are any.


Swarm removal is the cheapest of all the bee removal services. A small group of bees with a queen bee make a little nest until they find a new hive to defend themselves is called Swarm. Since they have no defence, it’s easier to control them and requires minimal time. This might cost about $50-$100 AUD.


Relocation cost varies on the specialist you choose. Though some of them do it for free if the beekeeper finds the hive healthy and interested to keep it. Otherwise, the specialists expect you to pay the removal costs between $100-$1000 AUD based on the type of colony and the accessibility to local colonies in your area.


Extermination can be done between $150-$500 AUD or more sometimes. This is done by professionals from licensed extermination companies. They visit the affected place first, then give you an estimate if they can remove it permanently, the warranty on extermination, and the exact cost for the work.



Location of the nest is one of the crucial factors while deciding the price. If it’s a less crowded area or someplace, which is easier to use pesticides costs less. If you’ve many people, kids in the neighbourhood or the nest is in a dangerous area. This might require a lot of money.


As we discussed in the starting, there are several Types of bees and each of it has its own type of nest and individual requirements to relocate or remove them. So, the costs vary too. Let’s see more details on the average price of the Bee treatment.


Carpenter bees usually find an unattended wood and create burrows. They start with a small group and eventually get more prominent. But they are easy to remove, as they’re less harmful and rarely sting. You can do the bee removal on your own by purchasing a residual insect spray. Or the funny fact is they go away if you play loud music close to them, but there are chances of coming back in this case. If you have a very big burrow and want a specialist to take care of it, it’ll cost you between $75-$500 AUD.


Honey bees colonies usually contain more than 50,000 bees. Their territories cost about $75-$1000 AUD for removal and based on the size of the nest, and the damage they can cause to the house, walls, ceilings the price many varies. Killer bees are aggressive and dangerous, so the specialists are required in this case.


Bumblebees are tiny groups of 50-150 bees. They rarely sting and do not cause any damage to the premises. So they’re harmless and rarely require the removal.


You may ignore the nest when it was small, but eventually, it’ll grow big and dangerous. When the severity of the issue occurs, the price increases. So, it’s suggested to take care of the initial stages to cut down on the costs.


The cost also varies on the number of persons required, type of tools or material they use to effectively remove the bees, cleaning and carpentry works after the bee removal. Most of the times, the nested area will get affected due to the honey or moisture formed. This can lead to damage to the wood, which requires a carpentry service too. Bee removal services provide the after works such as clean, wash, carpentry, etc. with an extra charge.

Though the bee removal services Melbourne can do both relocation and removal, it’s always good to be helpful to nature and save them. This is the best thing that you can give back to the environment by staying against colony collapse disorder and prevent the bees.

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