Blue Banded Bees Removal


Amegilla cingulata, commonly known as the blue-banded bee, is an Australian native bee that occurs in many other regions. Currently, several scientific organizations are conducting research on how the blue-banded bee benefits agriculture through its distinctive “buzz pollination”. These bees are very important for the production of food and contribute to at least 30% of crops in Australia.

blue banded bees

Why their removal is necessary?

Blue-banded bees can sting, but are not as aggressive as other bees. They appear to be more rapid in movement than other bees. Both male and female Blue Bees are equipped with stingers, but are non-aggressive bees and will only sting if trapped or roughly handled. In fact, the stinger on the Blue Bee is meant as an egg guide. These bees may become protective of their nests and buzz around close to it, but are not likely to sting.

How to Get Rid of Blue Banded Bees Fast?

Some Methods to remove Blue Banded Bees:

Blue Banded Bee
  • It is not an easy task so calling a Beekeeper is a good option.
  • If you do not want to hire an exterminator and can’t find a beekeeper to remove the nest, you can trap the bees without killing them.
  • If you want a natural way to remove the bees in your yard, a vinegar spray is a great option.
  • Make a Soda Bottle Trap
  • Burn wood or paper under the beehive at night.
  • Many homeowners have successfully removed bees by hanging bug zappers around their yards, especially ones that use lures (sweet scents).feel free to call bee control Melbourne experts of Bees Removal Melbourne. We will evaluate the situation and recommend the best solution for your bee infestation problem. For more details, call bee control Melbourne 03 9021 3752 and talk to our pest control team today.