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Effective Bee Removal Methods To Remove Carpenter Bees  

Bees Pest Control Melbourne

Carpenter bees are buzzing black and yellow visitors can be both beautiful and a nuisance. While they don’t sting aggressively, the damage they cause by drilling nesting tunnels in your wooden structures can be a homeowner’s nightmare.  Unlike their more communal relatives, carpenter bees are solitary creatures, and their nesting habits can cause damage over time. […]

Do Bees Come after the Hive Is Removed?

Bees Removal Berwick

If you’re facing a bee infestation in Melbourne, you’ve probably considered hiring professionals for bee removal in Melbourne. However, one common question that often arises is whether bees return after the hive is removed. In this blog, we’ll explore this concern and provide insights into the behaviour of different bee species commonly found in Melbourne. […]

Do Native Bees Sting?

Bees Pest Control Melbourne

Did you know? There are about 1700 bee species in Australia. When we think of bees, many of us conjure images of honeybees and the occasional fear of their painful stings. But have you ever wondered about native bees? Are they as sting-prone as their honey-producing counterparts? And summer has begun already; it’s time to […]

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