Leaf Cutter Bees Removal


The Leaf Cutter Bees get easily identified if neat circular pieces of leaves are found in a garden. This species of bee cut the leaf edges neatly in a circular shape and uses it as a nest-building material. These bees can grow up to 6-15 mm. This specific bee species gets regarded as an efficient pollinator which is highly helpful in the agricultural industry. The bees weave the leaf discs for making tiny cells for the younger bees. Megachile bees are black and furry. They vary in size, on average about the same size as a honeybee. Most bees carry pollen in baskets on their legs. However, Megachile is different; the underside of the female’s abdomen is particularly furry and is used for this purpose. If you see a black bee, about the size of a honeybee, with a yellow belly, you probably saw a Megachile.

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Why their removal is necessary?

The leafcutter bees prefer soft leaves which may ruin your lovely garden.Leafcutter usually attracted more towards Rose flowers.
They rarely sting and when they do, it’s only because they feel they’re being attacked.

How to Get Rid of Leaf Cutter Bees Fast?

Some Methods to remove Leafcutter Bees:

  • Cover susceptible plants with cheesecloth or other loose netting during periods when leafcutter bees are most active (in late summer). To prevent leafcutter bees from tunneling into rose canes, seal exposed pith as canes are pruned. Place a thumb tack, bit of sealing wax or white glue on the opening.
  • Cut away any dead or damaged stems from your rose bush with gardening shears. Leafcutter bees are attracted to rotting, soft or dead wood, and removing them from your roses will discourage the bees from making their homes near your flowers.
  • Seal any exposed pith on your rose bushes with white glue. The glue prevents the leafcutter bees from tunneling into the stems, causing damage to your roses. A thumbtack or sealing wax will serve the same purpose.
  • Make an attractive home for leafcutter bees to draw them away from your rose bushes. Drill several holes into an old log or piece of wood. Place the wood in your garden to help lure the bees away from your roses. Many nurseries sell bee boxes, which serve the same purpose and usually are more attractive. feel free to call bee control Melbourne experts of Bees Removal Melbourne.