Dangers Of DIY Bee Removal And Why Shouldn’t You Do it?

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Spotted beehive at home? If so, don’t attempt to remove the bee nest yourself, you would end up getting bee stings. Hiring a bee removal expert ensures that bees are removed quickly and safely. If you have a beehive on your property, you need to do something about it. However, you should know that nearly thousands of bees live in a hive, and you should not irritate them with DIY bee removal methods. By attempting to remove the bees, you might want to protect yourself with protective gear to prevent bee stings.

Mistakes People Make In DIY Bee Removal

Swatting The Beehive Though alarmed by the beehive, you shouldn’t hit or swat the hive with a blunt object. Once bees sense a threat, they will attack you with their stinger and it will be painful. The bees from the beehive may swarm you all over and sting you. Spraying Insect Killer At The Hive The Internet is filled with DIY bee removal techniques and spraying insect killers is one of them. Every bee species is different, and you must choose a random insect spray to kill them. Unless you wear protective gear, you shouldn’t approach the beehive. There are different types of bees like the leaf cutter bees, resin bees Australia , yellow and black carpenter bees, and mason bees in Australia. So, before you approach the bee, know the type of bee or get help from a bee removal specialist in Melbourne. Burning Or Watering The Hive When you spray the water through a hose at the hive, bees will get angry and come to sting. Though only a limited number of bees are in the hive during the day, they can sting. If you destroy the beehive by burning the hive, the remaining bees will come back and build a new nest in the same place. When you want to remove the beehive from your property, make sure to call expert bee control specialists from Bees Removal Melbourne. For appointments, call (03) 9021 3752 today.


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