What can I use to get rid of bees?

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Bee Control is the most concerning issue as it is hazardous to many people though environment-friendly. Bees are undoubtedly the most important insects for the earth, but when they come close to you, it’s a nuisance and danger for obvious reasons. There are types of bees which are endangered and may become extinct if we do not care for them, but there are always safer methods to get rid of bees or relocate them without killing.

However, it’s your soulful decision to get rid of bees. We have got a suggestion to get rid of the bees in both ways. Read through the article:


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to keep bees away, nothing beats the suitable old method of Tarping the nest. You can tarp the nest, and have heavy objects like stones and bricks on the sides of the tarp. One thing to be kept in mind if you plan on using this method, you might want to tarp the nest once the sun goes down, as most bees are in the nest during the night. You might also want to wear dark clothing to avoid being stung, as this method is known to agitate the bees.

Go For the Kill:

If tarping isn’t the ideal solution for you, then you can choose to attack the source. You can decide to go for the nest. This would lead to killing the bees in the nest, but this would make sure that you get rid of them completely. Though not being ecologically the best option for Bee control, this can be achieved in multiple ways. You can choose from a variety of substances to get this done, including boiling peppermint spray, or even chemicals like D-Force HPX. Similar to Tarping, these substances agitate the bees, and you may be at the receiving end of furious sting fest. Be sure that you’re all geared up!

Calling an Exterminator:

Bee control isn’t easy when the nest is right inside your home. It’s always suggested that we resort to bringing an Exterminator or a Beekeeper into the scene. If you’d like to kill the bees completely, then you can hire an exterminator to have various techniques used to exterminate them. However, if you happen to consider the ecological impact of killing bees and would like to save them, you can call a Beekeeper. The Beekeeper will move the nest and make sure that the bees inside aren’t killed. This would also be the cheapest way to get rid of bees, as most Beekeepers do this for free. This is the widely used solution for Bee control in Melbourne.


You can set up bee traps if you’d like to get rid of the stingers, without getting an exterminator or Beekeeper to do the job. You can choose from a variety of bee traps online and have them set up to trap the bees. This wouldn’t kill the bees, either. But there’s one drawback to this, and you might have to get some time out of your routine, as this can be a time-consuming affair.

You can also have a Soda Bottle Trap set up if the Beehive is built outside your house. This method uses sweet soda which attracts the bees due to the sweet scent. When the bees try to dive to have the sweet liquid, they end up drowning.


You can always hang electrocuting zappers around the nest which zaps the bees when they come in contact with them. This would instantly kill them.


As they say, prevention is better than cure. You can always prevent bees from building a nest in the first place, then having to get rid of it once it’s made. With a plethora of options, like using Cinnamon to deter the bees. Some plants repel bees, too – Mint is the best one. You can also hang/place Mothballs around which would also help keep stingers away.

While there are multiple Bee control options, the best one always depends on your choice. Would you want to go for the kill, or have the essential animal saved? Whatever it is choose wisely and protect yourself from the hazard.

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