Types Of Native Bees In Melbourne – How Do  Their Nests Look Like?

When it comes to bees, there are many varieties. In Melbourne, Australia, there are several species of native bees that contribute to the local ecosystem and play an important role in pollination. Each species has its unique characteristics and nesting habits. If you have a bee hive at home or see a swarm of bees near your property, you should call a bee removal expert to help you out! However, to be aware of the type of bees that have built a nest on your property, you should know what their nests look like. Here are five different types of native bees found in Melbourne and a description of their nests:

Bees Control MelbourneBlue-banded Bee

Blue-banded bees are known for their distinctive blue bands across their abdomens. They typically nest in soil, creating small burrows or tunnels. The nests consist of multiple brood cells, each containing a single egg and a supply of pollen and nectar for the developing larva.

Reed Bee

Reed bees are small, black bees commonly found in Melbourne. They prefer to build their nests in the hollow, pithy stems of plants, such as bamboo or reeds.  The nests consist of a series of individual cells, each separated by partitions made from plant material. So beware if you have an overgrown garden at home. You might step on or touch a bee nest unknowingly. Instead, you call bee nest removal and bee control specialists for inspection if you hear a buzzing sound too often.

Teddy Bear Bee

Teddy bear bees are relatively large and covered in dense, golden-brown hair, resembling a teddy bear. They nest in dry, sandy soil, often on banks or slopes. The nests have vertical burrows with side chambers where the eggs are laid, and each chamber is provisioned with pollen and nectar for the developing larva.

Masked Bee

Masked bees are small and mostly black, with pale markings on their faces resembling masks. They build their nests in various locations, including pre-existing cavities in wood or plant stems. The nests consist of a series of individual cells, each containing a single egg and a supply of pollen and nectar.

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bees are relatively large, robust bees with shiny black bodies. While they are not native to Melbourne, they have been introduced and can be found in the region. Carpenter bees excavate nests in dead wood, including tree trunks and timber structures. The nests consist of tunnels that can extend several centimeters deep into the wood, with separate chambers for each larva. Most Aussie households have carpenter bee issues and they get bee control experts to remove the nest.

It’s important to note that native bee nests are diverse and can vary in appearance and structure depending on the species. So if you have been troubled by a bee hive, call Bees Removal Melbourne at 03 9021 3752 today.

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