How Can I Prevent Bees From Nesting?

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Bees are a threat to homeowners even though they are beneficial. They don’t want their nests and colonies around their family or garden because of painful stings. Their stings lead to excessive pain and allergies. Bees usually like to build their nests or hives in safe and comfortable areas. bEfore you get alarmed and call a bee removal expert, know the type of bee you are dealing with. There are many types of bees, like resin bee, leaf cutter bees, teddy bear bees and so much more. If they see your house as a potential food source or feel that the climate is friendly to them, they will more likely build hives on your property. However, it’s best to prevent their entry from the start to keep your families safe. Because, honey bee stings are quite aggressive and painful and not mild like the teddy bear bee sting. We have come up with some bee removal tips to keep your property safe.

How do Bees get Inside Your Home?

If you have one or two bees flying inside your home, maybe they might have gotten inside your home through a window or your door. However, if you see a swarm of bees or bees frequently flying near your window or patio, they have already found a spot in your home and built a nest. If the nest is very close to your close, get a bee removal Melbourne expert for inspection.

What You Must Do?

Avoid Planting Flowering Plants

Colourful flowers look lovely in your garden. However, the bright and nectar-rich blooms may attract bees to visit your garden. Flowers like poppies, honeysuckles, cloves, and herbs can attract bees to your garden. So make sure to remove all the flowering plants from the garden.

Unpatched Holes

Bees are just like rats and can enter even through a small hole. So make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed without any gaps or small holes. You can patch the holes in sealing all the window screens and help deter the bees.  Also, be sure to seal all the vents, and ducts and replace worn-out gutters to discourage the entry of bees.

Rotten Fruits And vegetables

Bees enjoy rotten fruits and vegetables.They find ripen vegetables and fruits very much to their liking and would love to eat them. Also, they have been known to feast on plums, peaches, grapes, apples, figs, and pears.

So, if you have been seeing bees and are alarmed by their presence, call the bee experts from Bees Removal Melbourne at 03 9021 3752 today.

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