Honey Bee Removal – Understanding Honeybee Behaviour

Bee hive remvoal

Do you love taking a stroll around your garden? If you have colourful flowers, you would love to walk around, pluck a flower, sit under the shade of the trees, and relax. However, amidst this beautiful scenario, finding a beehive on your property can be scary. If you have spotted honey bees buzzing around a hole in a tree or moving out of your roof or attic, you might need quick and efficient honey bee removal Melbourne. Though honey bees are not necessarily a threat, they are unwelcome visitors. If they swarm or you are sensitive to painful stings, you must contact a bee nest removal service in Melbourne to help you out. By understanding honeybee behaviour, you can also prevent your family’s painful bee stings.

They Don’t Sting Voluntarily

Honey bees are buzzing insects. They are beneficial to the ecosystem and gentle creatures. They don’t sting unless provoked. Honey bees can’t see properly at night and use available light and movement to sting the enemy.

They Have Poor Vision At Night

Did you know that bees can’t see at night? Honey bees and bumblebees can’t see or fly at night. They can see with little light and can detect slight to harsh movements. That’s why it’s best not to approach the beehive without wearing protective gear. It’s best to get help from beekeepers or Bees Removal Richmond.

 They Are Attracted To Pheromones

Removing bees is not the only option because the hive leaves pheromones, and bees are attracted to them. Relocating or killing the bees is only a temporary solution because new swarms and bees are attracted to the same nest area. The best recommendation is to hire a bee hive removal professional to clear the beehive’s waste.

If you want to remove bees or a beehive or nest from your site, call Bees Removal Melbourne at 03 9021 3752 today.

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