Bees Removal Armadale

One of the not-so-common pests is bees. Bees generally are known for being vital to the ecosystem. Bees play an important role in maintaining an ecological balance. However, nobody would ever want a bee hive in their vicinity as bee stings can call for medical attention. If you wish to safely remove a bee hive that is causing trouble or may pose to be a problem in the future, then bee removal Melbourne can remove it in the most eco-friendly ways. We completely understand the ill effects of exterminating and hence would relocate them to a much safer place without harming them.

Types of bees found in Armadale

There are more than fifteen hundred varieties of bees in Australia, however, the two most common bees found in Armadale are as follows

  1. European or Western Honey Bee: These bees are known for their splendid honey production capability. The worker bee’s brown and yellow striped bodies make them quite distinct.
  2. Native bee: Unlike the western honey bees most Native bees are not honey-producing bees. These live in large colonies of professional bees, headed by a queen bee and a swarm of bees is likely to sting if sense any threat.

Bees Control ArmadaleOur Bee Control Process

We make sure to understand the problem and come up with a plan of action, for your home or business in case of bee infestation. Our team of bee removal services and Wasp Removal Melbourne, inspects the premises in order to locate the nest and examine the colony size. After careful examination, a treatment strategy is formulated to relocate the bee hive with utmost care. Eco-friendly sprays and granules are used to eradicate the bees and prevent any future bee infestations. The property is examined and protective barriers are established to prevent the bees from entering in the future.

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