Reed Bees Removal


Exoneura robusta is a species of the primitively eusocial allodapine bee, belonging to the genus commonly referred to as “reed bees”. Their common name derives from their use of the soft pith of dead fern fronds as a nesting material. They are native to southeastern Australia, living in both montane and heathland habitats. Red wasps are given their name due to the reddish-brown color of its body and head. They have long blackish-purple wings and a brown stripe on their abdomen.

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Why their removal is necessary?

A reed bees wasp is considered more of a nuisance pest than a dangerous one, but they will attack to defend and their stings can be dangerous, especially to those allergic to insect stings.Mild allergic reactions may cause extreme redness and increased swelling at the sting site. So sting can be painful.

How to Get Rid of Reed Bees Fast?

Some Methods to remove Reed Bees:

  • It is not recommended that homeowners attempt to remove red wasp nests themselves. Contact a pest control provider like Western Exterminator to safely remove the nest.
  • A trained technician will be sure to look around your property to locate all nests. If possible, technicians will avoid removing nests during the day, when wasps are most active. Technicians will often wait until evening to treat or remove the nest removal. When the temperature drops to 50 °F or lower, wasps become lethargic in cooler temperatures.
  • Commercial wasp spray may be used by pest control professionals to remove wasp nests. Many nurseries sell bee boxes, which serve the same purpose and usually are more attractive.
  • Before trimming shrubs or hedges or picking fruit, inspect the area for wasps to protect yourself from getting stung. feel free to call bee control Melbourne experts of Bees Removal Melbourne.