Bees Removal East Melbourne

There are various types of pests namely rats, mosquitoes, bees, bedbugs’ termites, etc. However, out of all these bees are one of those pests which are endangered. Therefore, it is very important to treat them in an eco-friendly way. Other than that, bees also play a vital role in balancing the ecosystem as they are natural pollinators. If you are dealing with bee infestation, then it’s wise to get in touch with a bee removal service as simple DIY methods can kill the bees and destroy their bee hives.

Types of bees found in East Melbourne

Not all bees are honey-producing bees. Most of the native bees found in East Melbourne  are solitary bees and do not produce honey. There are very few social native bees that produce honey. Therefore, to foster honey production in Australia European honey bees were brought and relocated to Easter Melbourne Suburbs. These bees are smaller in size are very distinct in appearance. They live in colonies along with Queen bees, worker bees, and professional bees. Both these kinds of bees can sting if they sense danger.

Bees Control East Melbourne Our Bee Control Process

It’s a known fact that when bees sense danger they tend to sting. A bee’s sting can result in hospitalization in several cases. Hence, it’s best to leave bee removal to bee control services who are well versed in treating them in an eco-friendly manner. If you suspect bee infestation in and around your home or business or have seen a swarm of bees around your premises then the very first step a pest control services do is to locate the hive. If they are easily able to spot the hive then they try to relocate the hive if possible. If the hive is inside a wall cavity, then they try to force the bees to move by making use of various techniques such as scare or smoke techniques. Since bees play a very important role in the environment therefore only eco-friendly solutions are made use of by Bees control Melbourne services.

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