Bees Removal Doncaster

Bees help in pollination which in turn helps in maintaining an ecological balance. In the recent past, there has been a big buzz about protecting the bees. Keeping this in mind various eco-friendly ways are now being used by bee control Melbourne to protect home or business from bee infestation. Bee removal services aim at removing and relocating the bees rather than exterminating them. Bees are identified and are safely removed without harming them.

Types of bees found in Doncaster

There are quite a few native bees in Australia, out of which a few of them are social bees as well. Most of the native bees do not live in colonies and are not honey-producing bees. In order to foster honey production in Australia, Western or European Honey bees were brought from Europe.Bees Control Doncaster

The European Honey Bees live together in colonies and are excellent honey producers. They are known for their pollination capabilities, on the other hand, the smaller native bees target smaller flowers, hence are also important for pollination and play an important role for the environment.

Our Bee Control Process

The bee control process can vary depending upon the severity and the location of the infestation. First and foremost, Bees control Melbourne investigates the site of infestation. If it is visible such as on a bush or a tree then the process is straight forward, however, if the bee nest is hidden in the wall cavity, then it might involve more intricacies. Pest control services in Doncaster are experienced in dealing with bee removal and make use of only eco-friendly methods and chemicals to treat bees. With their expertise, they will be able to hand over the bee hive to a beekeeper which is then relocated to a safer place without killing the bees.

Another way to move the bee hive is with the use of chemical-free sprays and insecticides due to which the queen bee along with professional bees and worker bees flies to a new destination and starts a new colony. These swarms of bees can cause bee stings which can be very painful therefore bee removal services offer advice on how to stay protected while the bees are relocating.

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