Bees Removal Berwick

Bees are one such pest that is under the threat of extinction hence it is not permissible to exterminate them and make use of eco-friendly ways to remove them. Since bees help in pollination thus have a vital role in safeguarding the ecosystem. If you are suspecting a bee infestation in your home or business then it’s best to seek help from bee removal services and do not try DIY methods as a bee sting can be very painful and result in hospitalization.Bees Removal Berwick

Types of bees found in Berwick

Bees in Berwick can broadly be classified into two categories, namely European Honey Bees and Native Bees.

European Honey bees-As the name suggests European Honey Bees have been brought from Europe to Australia. Since very few native bees are honey-producing therefore European bees have been brought for honey production.

Native Bees-Native bees are generally solitary bees that are native to Berwick. Very few native bees are social and live in hives. Following are a few of the native bees found in Berwick

  • Stingless Bees
  • Yellow & Black Carpenter Bees
  • Reed Bees
  • Blue Banded Bees
  • Teddy Bear Bees
  • Leafcutter Bees
  • Resin Bees
  • Homalictus Bees
  • Masked Bees

Our Bee Control Process

Pest control Melbourne is very vigilant when it comes to bee control Melbourne Service. Since bees play a very important role, therefore, they aim to only remove the bees from the site and relocate them.

Following are some of the ways used to control them

  • Relocate the bee hive-If the bee hive can be located such as on a tree, then the pest control Melbourne aims to take the bee hive and hand it over to the beekeeper who eventually relocates it to a safer place where they can thrive.
  • Force the bees to find a new place-Sometime a swarm of bees can be forced to leave the premises where the bees’ infestation has taken place with the use of eco-friendly chemicals, sprays, and fog intervention. If the queen bee leaves the location, then the worker bees and professional bees eventually follow.
  • Block and entry point-If the swarm of bees is present nearby then the pest control services can block the entry point of your house and office to restrict their entry.
  • If the bee hive is present in the wall cavity, then with the help of a builder and apiarists, the bee nest can be taken out.

  Why choose us?

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