Bee Removal Elsternwick

If you are bothered by a beehive at home, contact our bee removal experts from Bees Control Melbourne.  Whether your attic or wall crevice is buzzing and seeing bees flying near your window, you might have a bee infestation.  To protect your family from painful stings, ensure you take the best action – Call our bee control team for a home inspection.  From nest identification to honeycomb removal, bee hive relocation, removing beehives from inaccessible locations, and clean-up services, we offer a wide range of bee removal and bee-proofing services to ensure your site is safe.

Bees Control MelbourneSeveral species of bees can be dangerous to deal with, especially for those allergic to their venom. Some of the most dangerous bees that we deal with include:

Africanized honey bees (also known as “killer bees”) – These bees are highly aggressive and will attack in large numbers if they feel threatened. Their venom is no more potent than other honey bees, but their sheer numbers can make them deadly.

Yellow jackets – Yellow jackets are a type of wasp that can be highly aggressive and territorial. They are known for their painful stings, which can cause severe allergic reactions in some people.

Bumblebees – While bumblebees are not typically aggressive, they can sting multiple times, and their venom can cause anaphylaxis in some individuals.

Why Choose Us For Bee Removal in Elsternwick?

  • Our team approaches all bee infestations with caution and can handle even the most dangerous bee infestations safely and efficiently.
  • We are eco-friendly and use the safest methods to relocate the beehive and not harm the bees.
  • Our bee removal service is quite affordable.
  • Whether your site is infested by one or more beehive or wasp nests, we can quickly run a site survey; tailor an effective solution based on the size of the nest and the level of the infestation.
  • We also offer clean-up services after bee nest removal.

For affordable bee removal in Elsternwick, call Bees Removal Melbourne at 03 9021 3752 today.