Bee Removal Beaumaris

Are you facing a bee problem in Beaumaris? Whether it’s a swarm clinging to your gum tree or a hidden hive buzzing in your roof cavity, our bee removal specialists at Bees Removal Melbourne are here to help. We offer safe, humane, and effective bee removal services designed to protect your property and the bee colony. Our bee removal process is meticulous and prioritises the well-being of the bees.

How We Remove Bees From Your Property?


Our experienced bee removal team will thoroughly inspect your property to locate the beehive or swarm. They’ll identify the bee species and determine the best course of action.

Safe Bee Removal

Using specialised techniques and protective gear, our team will carefully remove the bees. We prioritise bee relocation whenever possible, transporting them to a safe environment where they can continue to thrive.

Hive Removal and Sanitation

Once the bees are removed, we’ll safely eliminate the hive itself. This includes removing any honeycomb structures and thoroughly cleaning the area to deter future bee activity.

Prevention Measures

We can recommend preventative measures to discourage future beehive formations on your property. This may involve sealing potential entry points or installing deterrents.

Our Bee Control Methods

We utilise a range of bee control methods that are both effective and bee-friendly. Our preferred approach is live bee removal, where we relocate the entire colony to a suitable habitat. In some cases, hive removal with bee exclusion may be necessary. We’ll always discuss the recommended approach with you and ensure you understand the process.

Why Choose Our Bee Removal Service in Beaumaris?

  • Our team comprises experienced and qualified bee removal experts who handle bees with care and respect.
  • We prioritise bee relocation whenever possible, ensuring the survival of the colony.
  • We understand the urgency of bee hive removal and complete the job efficiently.
  • We offer competitive rates for our bee removal services in Beaumaris.
  • We provide you with a safe and satisfactory bee removal experience.

If you need our bee removal service in Beaumaris, call Bees Removal Melbourne at 03 9021 3752 today.